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Bicycle Repairs and Service

Our Service Technicians and Service Writers

Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all makes and models of bicycles, not just the ones we sell. And each member of the service team participates in skill-advancement sessions with factory service techs several times each year. Whether it’s a minor tune-up, a major overhaul, or a race prep, you can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time. Every repair at M & M Cyclery is double checked and test ridden by our staff before it leaves the shop. 

Free Estimates

When bring your bicycle in for service you will be greeted by one of our expert service writers. They will place your bike in a service stand and go over your bike with you. While addressing your concerns and needs they will give you a written estimate of costs for your repair, along with a estimated time for completion.

Basic Tune Up


Recommended once a year

Lube and adjust shifting system

Lube and adjust braking system

Check and adjust all bearings

Straighten wheels

Lube chain

Check that all nuts and bolts are tight

Wipe frame down

Deluxe Tune Up


Yearly or at least every other year

Chain, Derailleurs, Chainrings and Cassette are removed from the bike and placed in an Ultrasonic bath and lube

Lube and adjust shifting systems

Lube and adjust braking system 

Check and adjust all bearings

Straighten Wheels

Inspect and inflate tires

Lube chain

Check that all nuts and bolts are tight

Clean and wax bicycle



After every 100 hours of riding

The entire bike stripped, cleaned, lubed, and tuned to perfection.
Every bolt, every bearing, every part. We will start by stripping your bike to the bare frame for a deep clean and inspection, then we will re-lube inner surfaces and rebuild it. If it has been a while, or if you have put serious miles in all-conditions, this one is for you

Overhaul is everything included in Deluxe Tune Up plus:
• Disassemble entire bike and deep clean all parts
• Overhaul and replace all bearing systems
• Flush and replace hydraulic brakes
• Replace and re-route all cables and housing

Replacement parts not included in service package price.
*Pricing may vary for bikes with suspension. Ask your service technician for details.

Walk ins are Welcome on a first come first serve basis

Schedule An Appointment

Want to keep riding? No problem. 
Simply bring your bike in for an estimate. Leave a $20 deposit and prepay for any parts that need to be ordered. We will then set up a appointment and have the bike back to you the next day.* (As long as all the parts are in stock and nothing else arises with your bicycle.) The $20 deposit will be applied to your cost of repair

Service Appointment Request